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Full disclosure: I am a military aircraft nerd.

Living in Bossier City is a dream come true for an Army brat like me.  I grew up on bases around the world, and my favorite thing was watching the planes.  My dad and I would watch the most powerful aircraft in the world take off and land like it was no big deal.  We actually got pretty good at identifying planes and tail signs (like the one below).  It was, by far, one of the coolest parts of growing up with my dad.

American B-52 Bombers Arriving In UK
Getty Images

I think about that every time I see a plane circle the sky above Bossier City (which is a lot).  The other day, I saw an unfamiliar shape in the sky.  It was bigger than one of our venerable B-52's, which is no small feet.  I thought I recognized it, but it's been years since I was sitting on the hood of my dad's car at the end of the tarmac.  After doing some digging, I was certain I was looking at a Globemaster.

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster to be exact.  Roughly a quarter of a billion dollar transport that can (when fully fueled) land a M1 Abrams tank (69-tons) anywhere inside of 2,800 nautical miles.  That's roughly the distance from Bossier City to Vancouver, Canada.

According to the ArkLaTex Homepage, this particular bird flew in from Joint Base Charleston in North Carolina in order to avoid any possible damage from Tropical Storm Isaias.  The plan is to return home with her crew as soon as they are given the all-clear.

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