Things are about to get real for residents of East Bossier and the Haughton area.

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Beginning one week from today, on Monday, July 18, 2022 at 7:00 am the I-20 eastbound ramp to I-220 westbound (Exit 26 near Louisiana Downs) in Bossier Parish will be closed.

This will mean that motorists who are accustomed to using this exit to travel to many subdivisions including Carriage Oaks and Stockwell Place or to travel to the Bellevue area or just to stop by Louisiana Downs, will need to remember to exit at Industrial Drive in Bossier City or travel all the way east to the Haughton/Fillmore exit and then backtrack westward. (From personal experience, those motorists will only have to forget once or twice and then the time costly error will not be repeated)

And there is a twist to this closure. Most of the previous closures in this area over the past year have lasted approximately a week or so. That's not the case this time.

According to a news report from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the ramp closure is scheduled to be in place for approximately two months, and is necessary to allow the contractor to complete repairs to the expansion joints located on this bridge.

Another modification from past closures in the area is that this is a total ramp closure and it's not limited to just night or non-peak traffic hours. It will be completely closed until around the middle of September.


This work is associated with the ongoing I-20/I-220 Barksdale Air Force Base Interchange Project to construct a new segment of roadway extending southward from the existing interchange and leading to a new access point to the base.

As with all projects from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, this work will be done weather permitting.

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