I love these kinds of stories during the holidays. It's what makes it so great to live in this community.

Adam Lynch
Adam Lynch

A dear friend of mine was headed home in south Bossier after working a long night at the fire station. He was driving down Barksdale Boulevard in the 44-hundred block when he spotted something odd in the roadway. He found this precious Hershey Teddy Bear. My friend, Adam pulled over, got out of his car and saved the stuffed animal from certain destruction in the middle of the road.

Now, all we want to do is find the rightful owner. Adam tells me it probably belongs to someone from Shady Grove, Savannah Place or to someone who dropped off a child at Sun City or Elm Grove. I fully understand how distraught a child can be if he/she loses a favorite stuffed animal. I really want to solve this mystery.

Many years ago, my oldest son left his yellow "Duckie" at a Shreveport Captains game. We went back out to Fairgrounds Field and searched far and wide for "Duckie", but never found him. My son was so upset for a good solid week.

The best way to avoid this problem is to get as many people as possible to share this post to get this bear back home in time for Christmas.


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