I found this video of a Dr. explaining how to make the best mask from a vacuum bag.

A vacuum bag seems like an odd thing to make a mask of, but Dr. Ryan Southworth explains that the cotton fabric masks work well, but do not protect us like we really need from the coronavirus.

The vacuum bag that is HEPA certified protects against 99.97 percent of all airborne particulate matter. In the video, they go into detail on the construction of the masks. Now that the CDC recommends that all of us wear masks when we are out in public this is a great way to protect ourselves. The usual masks that healthcare workers wear, the N 95 masks only protect against 95 percent of all airborne particulate matter.

All you need for these masks is the proper vacuum bags, elastic, pipe cleaner and a hot glue gun and some basic sewing knowledge. Make sure to use the bag turned inside out.

If this mask makes you a little uncomfortable or you may not be able to sew? How about a no-sew maks from this video.

Please remember to keep practicing 'social distancing' and please wash your hands.

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