These videos will definitely make people think twice about where they relieve themselves next Mardi Gras.

A man by the name of Jeremy Pearson lives close to the parade route in New Orleans—which is a great thing if you enjoy parades but can also be terrible if you hate people peeing on your stuff.

There seems to be something about his driveway area that makes people feel like it's a safe place to pee. Unfortunately for those people, Jeremy and his water hose do not agree with that logic at all.

This viral video spread like wildfire after these girls were greeted with an icy shower while they decided to pop a squat on Jeremy's property. They weren't the only ones greeted by the Mardi Gras cheer from his water hose.

Some people may feel that Pearson is mean for greeting his peeing guests, but the truth is, they are totally the inconsiderate ones in this particular situation.

This guy didn't appreciate being sprayed by the hose and even jumped the fence for a quick scuffle. I hope he at least pulled his pants up.

But some people actually decided to make an attempt to right their urine-soaked wrongs, like this guy who decided to come back and knock to apologize.

Like the song says, "There's no place to pee on Mardi Gras day" and Jeremy's house isn't the spot either.

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