I'm still pretty new to this whole parenting thing.  It is not nearly as hard as I first expected it to be as long as I remember the keys rules.

  • Don't get grossed out
  • Avoid watching Frozen
  • Always be ready with a plan B

In the picture above my daughter Rhylee and I are getting ready for Halloween. While we look super excited about trick or treating five minutes prior it was all hands on deck. We got costumes weeks ago because Rhylee insisted on being her favorite movie character, Moana.  We got her outfit and I searched all over town for one to match hers. Then Halloween night we are getting ready and she decides there's no way she's going as Moana. Luckily my wife is amazing and had the backup plan ready, so we went as scarecrows!


Then as we are heading to the Louisiana Boardwalk for trick or treating wouldn't you know it but it started to rain! So once again we had to change up everything and instead of giving up and going home we spent a night at Chuck E. Cheese! While the night didn't go as planned in the end, we still got to make memories together as a family!

Don't stress during the holidays because many things will happen that you cannot change instead laugh it off and make the best of any situation!

Happy Halloween!