If you are a parent and have a kid with allergies you understand the crazy restrictions you have to follow when it comes to making sure your child stays safe. I always rolled my eyes when I would hear someone claiming to be allergic to something. I worked as a waitress for many years and I remember being so annoyed when customers would tell me 17 different times that they could not have tomatoes on their plate but would ask for extra ketchup. My view on allergies changed when I realized my niece Abby had a nut allergy. Her allergy is so severe she is forced to sit at a separate table in her school cafeteria during lunch time. Luckily for Abby there are many kids out there with allergies too, so she doesn't have to sit alone.

Unfortunately many kids are not able to keep the candy they receive when they go out trick-or-treating. Fortunately many parents and folks who give out candy on Halloween understand. If you see a teal pumpkin or a blue pumpkin sitting outside of the house it means that house has some options for kids with allergies. Whether its a toy or a different kind of snack or treat the kids can have they have that option available, all you have to do is ask. No child should be excluded from festivities because they have an allergy. Thank you to the folks who are setting out the teal pumpkins today and going the extra mile. Happy Halloween!

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