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Punxatawney Phil just about nailed it perfectly this year. When he said we had about six more weeks of winter, he was just about dead on to the day.

Of course, we all get excited when spring comes along here in North Louisiana, because it means little league baseball, shorts and flip flops, bass fishing and crawfish boils.

We just have to remember not to rush it like we seem to do each year. I had an older friend of mine explain to me several years ago, that it's never really spring until the pecan trees start blooming. And danged if he wasn't right.

Among all the pollen and those little wormy looking things falling from the pine trees, we've got a couple of pecan trees here in the backyard of the stations. Each year, I patiently wait out each passing cold front until those trees bloom before I signal it spring.

Well, they started blooming last week, so I'm guessing it's officially spring time now in North Louisiana.

Of course, there are a few other ways to determine that it's spring here in our neck of the woods, so here are "The 7 Sure Signs It's Spring in North Louisiana"

The 7 Sure Signs It's Spring in North Louisiana

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