Bossier Police are hot on the trail of the thief or thieves who pulled off an unusual and daring robbery at Harrah's Louisiana Downs Casino and Racetrack.  The criminal masterminds didn't hit the casino or betting box for cash, they had a much more disgusting haul in mind.

Officials say the robbers made off with over three dozen racehorse blood and urine test samples.  I'm not sure if there is a repulsive second-hand market for this kind of thing, but the loss of it (and the information analysis of these materials would have provided) will cost the world famous racetrack tens of thousands of dollars. According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage, detectives with the Bossier City Police Department are currently conducting a joint investigation with the Louisiana Racing Commission.

If you have any information that could lead to the arrest, conviction, and psychiatric evaluation of the individual(s) responsible for gross criminal conduct - please contact the Bossier Crime Stoppers at 318-424-4100.

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