The rain started on Thursday, but it really picked up on Friday when the rain came down for most of the day and night.


August was the 3rd driest August on record and September was headed in that direction, but it changed with the storms that moved through. On Thursday, we got 1.41 inches of rain and that bumped up to 3.18 inches on Friday. The total for the month is now at 4.66 and we could see even more rain this week. You can track the rainfall record totals at the National Weather Service website.


What do you like to do in the rain? We have several suggestions. But I had to get outside and play in the rain. I did take a nice long nap on Friday before I went out to walk at the Mall. So relaxing to snooze while the rain is falling outside. I also like to do baking when it's raining, but I never got around to that. Maybe I'll have a chance if it rains again this weekend.