A New York state high school is catching a great deal of criticism because of a class in which students "calculate" their privilege.

Parents became aware of the class when students came home with a "privilege reflection form." Here is more info from theblaze.com:

 "A New York public high school recently gave students in one class a 'privilege reflection form.' The form asked Saratoga Springs High School students to score their privilege based on a variety of factors. For example, they get 25 points if they're white, 25 points if they're male, 20 points if they're straight, but they lose 100 points if they're black, 50 points if they're female, and 150 points if they're gay."
Here are parts of the "privilege test."
Race: White +25; Asian +10; Latino -50; Black -100; Other -100.
Sex: Male +25; Female -50; Intersex -100.
Orientation: Straight +20; Bisexual +10; Asexual 0; Gay -10.
Gender: Cis +20; Trans (passable) +10; Genderqueer -100; Trans -500.
Religion: Jewish +25; Christian +5; Non-religious 0; Hindu -20; Buddhist -20; Sikh -30;
               Muslim -50.
To see more about the Saratoga Springs, NY High School "privilege test," JUST CLICK HERE!

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