Labor Day weekend usually consists of days off, football, family, friends and grilling out. But have you ever thought about how to make that perfect burger after it comes off the grill?

According to "The Kitchn", the perfect burger is achieved in five easy steps:

1)Slightly toast the bottom bun because it helps to hold the condiments in place.

2) Condiments, but only ketchup and mustard. Mayo comes later because it helps hold the veggies in place.

3)Pickles. Place them under the meat so that the pickle flavor doesn't overpower the other veggies.

4)Next, add the meat and cheese, which should be melted. And if you'd like to add bacon, place it under the cheese next to the meat.

5)Last but not least, add your veggies, lettuce, tomato and onion. Spread your mayo on the top half of the toasted bun and voila!

Any questions? Happy Labor Day!

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