There is a hole in my heart. My sweet baby special needs mouse, Harry, has passed away.  He is now living among the mouse angels in mouse heaven.

I was wasting time on Pinterest when I saw the most magnificent thing... Hedgehogs! I gave a little call to my mother who knows way to many people who raise all kinds of animals. She, of course, knows a guy. Now the next step is convincing my boyfriend to get one. I am a champ at talking him into getting new critters. If you are ever in my shoes and need to desperately get a hedgehog follow these steps:

  • Start dropping hints on the sly.
  • Slowly mention hedgehogs more and more into conversations.
  • If you share a Youtube account or have access to theirs- start watching videos of cute hedgehogs under their name so that they show up as recommended videos.

Patience is key. I have made the mistake of getting the animal without their knowledge, but it has worked out. I did this with Salem, my cat, and he fell in love with him the moment he crawled into his lap and fell asleep.

Nonetheless, every relationship is different and if you really want a new critter communication is everything. Build up a case why you would like a hedgehog and then listen to what the other person has to say.


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