I have always jumped from one long term relationship to the next. My high school sweet heart and I met my sophomore year in high school and we eventually split in my sophomore year in college. My most recent relationship lasted close to 2 1/2 years. I have truly never experienced being single and alone.

From what I have learned from in depth research of chick magazines and romantic comedies is that life will go on after a break up. Unfortunately, the movies and magazines don't tell you how that it feels like a fish out of water.

The cycle is almost identical in every movie and sitcom. 

1. You will be sad and that is okay.

2. You will get lonely and that is also okay.

3. Eventually embracing your independence.

4. Love will come again.

Fortunately, I have found love again and it is currently at the edge of my bed licking my toes.  My love is also a four legged chocolate lab named Rudd. I believe I am currently in the lonely phase.

I got so used to coming home and having someone to talk to and dance around the kitchen with. I don't have that anymore. I don't miss my past relationship or the ex. It is just that no one is there. l am alone.

I am holding out on embracing my independence. I might get a tattoo of a dinosaur eating ice cream. We shall see, but the silver lining from each romantic comedy and story about heartbreak is that I will be fine. I know that.