I have recently found myself single. It is an unexpected change, but I am fine. I am doing well coping with the newly solo adventures of my day to day life. However, my mother she has insisted I "get back out there". She means well.

I struggle with social interactions. I always have. First impressions and ice breakers aren't my strong suit. Hell, conversations in person are not my strong suit. I am painfully awkward in social settings. So I have turned to something that just so happens to be what my generation goes to when seeking the sense to "get back out there". It is Tinder.

I have had to master the art of creating a bio that isn't just eye catching but also hilarious. So far my Tinder experience has been pretty decent, but I have found several things that will instantly give me the urge to swipe left (pass). Now, this is just a personal preference. Some girls may see some of this points and think completely different, but again this is just my personal preference.

The Top 10 Reasons I Will Swipe Left

1. Only having one photo, and it is blurry.

Are you in the witness protection program? How do I know you are a real person and not just one of those dateline murders seeking out their next victim. I have seen the Craig's List Killer documentary and I ain't about that life.

2. Shirtless photo in the dark taken at the point of view of the belly button.

Just ew.

3. All your photos are group photos.

This is the worst Wheres Waldo game ever.

4. Mentioning your hatred of cats in your bio.

Dude, it just isn't going to work out.

5. All of your photos are memes.

See reason #1.

6. Our political and world views don't match up.

This is an obvious one. When seeking a match you want someone who thinks and has similar beliefs.

7. In the mirror photos.

It is 2017.

8. Seriously, don't use a photo of your grundle.

See reason #2.

9. Your ex is obviously cropped out.

Come on dude, you can take new pictures.

10. Duck lips or pouting.... seriously! EW.

I shouldn't have to explain myself.


There are some things you can do that will definitely make me consider a swipe right and that is a cat/dog picture.