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Despite a petition against it and even protests by residents, Hustler Hollywood has now opened in west Shreveport.

Hustler Hollywood is known for selling sexually oriented products and can be seen clearly from I-20, the main thoroughfare in Shreveport, in between the exits for Pines Road and I-220/3132. Located at 6109 Financial Plaza, the new store is located where an IHOP used to sit and is also visible to students at nearby Huntington High School.

Despite bearing the 'Hustler' name, the store is allowed to open by law in Shreveport without being classified as a sexually oriented business if 20% or less of its retail space is used for merchandise of a sexual nature. Another court hearing regarding this matter was scheduled for December 12, 2023, however, the business has been inspected and it was determined that it does not qualify as a 'sexually oriented business.' If it didn't meet the 20% or less threshold, the business would be required to obtain a special permit to operate. The Shreveport Police Department will be responsible for routine inspections to confirm ongoing compliance with city ordinances.

As a result of the inspection, an announcement was made by the Hustler organization this morning, saying the business is now open. The release quotes VP of HUSTLER Hollywood Philip Del Rio, saying “We are very excited to be opened after the long delay.”

The west Shreveport store is Hustler's 47th retail location in the United States and the third to open in Louisiana. A quick Google search shows that the store is listed as a lingerie store. I wasn't able to open the store's website because my company will not allow us to browse sexual content online... which is ironic if you ask me. While I'm not a prude and understand that merchandise of this nature is in demand, I do question whether the store needs to be located in such a highly visible area or so close to a school.

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