This weekend I was at home having a normal lazy Sunday. I was watching Crossroads. The movie came out in 2002 with Britney Spears, Anson Mount, and Zoe Saldana. I was obsessed with when I was in middle school. 

While watching the movie and cleaning my apartment I had a realization. We are all Britney Spears! Stay with me on this... Britney has gone through so much in her life. She has gone through a spectrum of emotions and events that have made her who she is, which we can all relate to.

Mike Windle, Getty Images

The Stages of Britney Spears:

  • Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    • Hit Me Baby One More Time
    • Justin Timberlake
  • Rising Star/ Party Stage
    • Slave to You
    • Toxic
    • Hold it Against Me
  • 2007 Britney
    • Melt Down
    • Kevin Federline
  • Comeback Kid
    • Womanizer
    • Gimme More
    • Piece of Me
  • Family Britney
    • She is all about her kids.
    • She is working on her self.
    • She is doing good.

I am in the Crossroads stage of Britney. Remember the song she sang at the end of the movie? "I'm not a girl, Not yet a Woman." I was picking up toilet paper that my cat, Salem, had shredded in the hallway and I heard it. It felt like she was singing directly to me. That is when I realized we all are going through a stage of Britney and that is okay. Britney made it and so can you.

Steve Jennings, WireImage