have been messaging a friend from high school a lot lately because he and his wife have been helping out so much on the <a href="http://965kvki.com/pray-for-emma/">Pray for Emma </a>window sticker movement. They have been making <a href="http://www.facebook.com/GEMVinyl">window stickers</a> for us and are just overall amazing people, so I love getting the chance to see or talk to them.
Then today, as I was preparing another sticker exchange, I got this message from Gary saying, "At first I really thought this was you... and then it got weird."
Once the weirdness continued and he realized I don't have internet now that I live in the middle of no where, much less a webcam, he just kept going with it. This made me giggle... a lot. Now I just have to figure out how to get my email address un-hacked. I don't need anyone getting the wrong idea... lol OMG what if this had been my preacher instead of my friend that knew better!!

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