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Are you a resident of Shreveport-Bossier City? What's one thing that people see and do around northwest Louisiana that others would be surprised that you hadn't experienced?

It's true, even with Gary McCoy as my work husband, I've never been hunting, nor have I been to Bass Pro Shop. Both seem to be a part of the rhythm of life here in Shreveport-Bossier. And for the record, before you say it, I know plenty of women who hunt... and women whose entire wardrobe comes from Bass Pro and/or Academy. I guess I'm more of a boutique or Tractor Supply girl, just saying!

So, I decided to ask other locals what was the one experience locally that others would be surprised to find out they hadn't taken part in. I can't imagine never having been to an LSU Football game, but there are those who haven't. Heck, I haven't been to a Saints game and that's bad enough! Do you know what else I haven't done? I've never been to Canton and I still haven't been to the Shreveport Aquarium! It's time to change that!

Some of the things I was surprised by that locals said they hadn't experienced were going to a Shreveport Mudbugs game, eating at Ernest's, gambling at the casinos, watching a race at Louisiana Downs, or partaking of a Shrimp Buster at Herby K's.

Here are some other self-professed admissions by locals:)

TommiGirl Johnson
Never been Hunting, to a mudbugs game, fishing, or 4 wheeler/ATV riding... I tell hubz that I don't participate in such "redneckery"...

Melanie Boudreaux Scruggs
Hunting.... or fishing....somehow I can’t get those little worms or crickets on a hook to catch those little fish

Susan Anderson Roblow
Never darkened the door of Phoenix Underground, but, dang, I sure wanted to go!

Jacquelyn Boyter McDonald
I’ve never been to Ernest’s ‍♀️

Michelle Wilkins
I have never played golf, been hunting, or been to an LSU game. Lol.

Angel Robinson
Going to those four wheeler atv parks!

Julie Wrzesinski
I have never been to Louisiana Downs to watch a race. I have never been to Mall St. Vincent either.

David Brian
Never been to a Mudbugs game or Independence Bowl

Morgan Bailey Eberhardt
(Even though I lived in Stonebridge) never have I ever played golf at Stonebridge, East Ridge, or Southern Trace

Trey Lankford
Never had a Shrimp Buster

Laurie McGehee
Never been gambling in the casinos. Don’t gamble. Haven’t been to the new aquarium yet

Tony Rice
I have never been to mudbug madness.

Jeri Little
I've never eaten a king cake.

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