I don't have kids of my own, but when my boyfriend and I started getting serious, I quickly changed from the role of Single Girl to Responsible Girl. His girls are amazing really and have brought a deeper meaning to my life. They are filled with charm and warm my heart and I find it hard to sometimes tell them no. Which is how I lost my original wallet.

I had a black, simple wallet for years. It was falling apart, kinda, but it still functioned. Emma, the youngest of the girls, has a thing for bags. She's a collector of purses and wallets, I guess you could say. So, when she asked me for mine, I told her I would be happy to give it to her-- after I got another one. She was gone for a few minutes, I assumed to just play in her room. And she came back with replacements. She told me that I could use hers in the meantime. A "Little Mermaid" bag with a strand of pearls as the handle, and a Princess Wallet that is glittery and sparkles.

At first, I told her thank you, and set it to the side and told her it wasn't necessary, that I would get a new one when I found one I liked, but a few days later, when she saw I still hadn't transferred my things, she became insistant and wanted to assist me in the transfer. Well, I couldn't say no. DANGIT! So, yeah, this is what I've been carrying for longer than what I'd like to admit. I really need a new one. Hope Santa is good to me this year. :)