Disney's new remake of the classic tale of Dumbo is in theaters this weekend from director Tim Burton with an all-star line up including Michael Keaton, Danny Devito, Eva Green, and Collin Farrell. As per the norm, I'm sure families will be lining up to see Disney's latest family-friendly offering!

However, as you surely know, here in Louisiana, we always look at things a little differently. Seriously, how can you hear the name 'Dumbo' and not think of 'gumbo?' You can't! That's where the folks at Cajun Giggles come in!

Cajun Giggles is a fun page on Facebook that describes themselves as, 'Just silly Cajun humor... that will hopefully give you a giggle. That's all, y’all!' All of the content on the page is created by Spaine Edler. I suggest you give them a follow, they always give me a smile and often a much-needed belly laugh!

I present to you for your enjoyment, the #1 movie in Louisiana... Disney's Gumbo! Just please, no tomatoes!

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