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When you watch late night infomercials they make their products sound and look so easy to use.  They also have a way of making the regular way of doing something look like the stupidest thing that has ever existed.  Never has that formula been more apparent than when it comes to cooking accessories.

One of the most prevalent "order now, operators are standing by" type of cooking brands is Ninja.  From regular cookware to toasters to crock-pots and beyond - there's a Ninja product for nearly every culinary situation that could possibly arise in your kitchen.  I say nearly because nothing in the Ninja lineup is made to treat 2nd and 3rd degree burns that I know of.

According to the Daily Hornet, Jovanna Richard has filed a lawsuit against SharkNinja LLC due to “serious and substantial burn injuries” after her she claims her Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker "forcefully ejected" it's scalding hot contents all over her.  Richard ways that the lid exploded off of her new pressure cooker in a way shouldn't have been possible while she was cooking on April 14th of 2020.

The Shreveport resident is alleging that the device was advertised as extremely safe and boasted 14 safety features and that it would also not allow the user to open it while the contents were still under pressure - but these selling points would prove to be dangerously untrue.  Not only does she claim that these safety features failed, she says the product is dangerously defective and caused her serious injuries.

She is seeking an unspecified amount for her injuries.

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