Several weeks back, we reported that Allstate Insurance was going to give their customers some money back on their cost of auto insurance, and now Louisiana's Insurance Commissioner says many other companies are following Allstate's lead.

In a press release, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon details how much money is being returned to rate payers as there is less travel on our roadways now due to the COVID-19 pandemiic.

Donelon says that the total impact from these rebates to consumers is $187 million, and it comes at a time that is crucial for so many families in Louisiana.

Unemployment numbers in Louisiana have soared in recent weeks because COVID-19 has halted businesses from conducting normal operations due to Governor John Bel Edwards "Stay at Home Order" in order to save lives.

The following is the breakdown of information offered by Jim Donelon's office of what companies are offering:

PRIVATE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILECompanies Offering Premium Payback Due to COVID-19
Group/Company2019 Written Premium2019 Market ShareCOVID-19 Related Return Premium# Months Return PremiumProjected Return Premiums
STATE FARM GRP$ 1,442,012,58029.5%25%2.37$ 71,099,231
PROGRESSIVE GRP$ 803,097,94416.4%20%2$ 26,769,931
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (GEICO)$ 571,941,64011.7%15%6$ 42,895,623
ALLSTATE INS GRP$ 540,137,65511.1%15%2$ 13,503,441
USAA GRP$ 294,072,2696.0%20%2$ 9,802,409
FARM BUREAU GRP$ 262,659,5155.4%15%2$ 6,566,488
LIBERTY MUT GRP$ 197,963,5544.1%15%2$ 4,949,089
GOAUTO INS CO$ 163,079,5833.3%15%2$ 4,076,990
SHELTER INS GRP$ 69,820,6821.4%30%2$ 3,491,034
METROPOLITAN GRP$ 41,273,1850.8%15%2$ 1,031,830
KEMPER CORP GRP$ 33,705,4620.7%15%2$ 842,637
HARTFORD GRP$ 26,937,5390.6%15%2$ 673,438
HANOVER INS GRP$ 20,640,2800.4%15%2$ 516,007
AMERICAN FAMILY GRP$ 14,207,6870.3%$50.00**$ 256,500
FARMERS INS GRP$ 7,170,6090.1%25%2$ 298,775
AMICA MUT GRP$ 4,901,6550.1%20%2$ 163,389
CHUBB LTD GRP$ 4,819,4460.1%35%2$ 281,134
TRAVELERS GRP$ 1,276,2890.0%15%2$ 31,907
TOTAL ALL COMPANIES$ 4,458,444,38992.1%$ 187,249,854

Donelon adds in the press release,

I applaud our auto insurers on supporting their policyholders and our economy with these programs. Here in Louisiana, the economic impact of these rebate programs is greater than $187 million in payments returned to the pockets of consumers at a time when it is sorely needed.

Most companies are giving a rebate or refund on a portion of two months worth of premiums for their customers. If the "Stay at Home Order" is extended past April 30, hopefully there will be more rebates from these companies in the future as well.


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