The other day, I walked in on Deacon watching a video of cats pooping.  It was a watershed moment.  Not only was I scarred for life, I was puzzled as to why he would turn to the internet instead of his (seemingly) all-knowing father.  I decided to do a bit of investigation to see how far this had gone before I asked him about it.  It seems that my inquisitive little boy has a very firm grasp on how to find out the answers to pretty much any question he could dream up.  Using Siri and Google, he has learned a lot about how birds fly, how the Titanic sank, and a lot about the pooping habits of different animals.  We think that he is going to be a proctologist (for cats).

adorable silver white tabby Scottish cat kitten with bow tie

The real issue is that I'm being replaced by technology.  I remember looking up to my Dad and Pawpaw like they were towering repositories of information.  These guys knew it all!  I know that I was wrong now, but that time I spent looking up to them taught me to choose the right people as role models.  I am concerned that I am being replaced in that aspect by the ease of access and instant answers accompanied by pictures and videos that google can serve with the greatest of ease.

Of course, we have filters and monitoring software on all of the devices he uses.  But it's not porn or child predators I am particularly worried about here.  It's being replaced as the source of answers for life's most puzzling things that upsets me.

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