Have you seen the meme floating around about couples not bragging on each other anymore? Yep, if you haven't hit critical mass yet, it's coming soon. The stir crazy has definitely gone up another notch over the last few days of sheltering in place and I'm sure couples are on each other's last nerve!

Facebook Meme
Facebook Meme

'I'd like to flip that scenario around though. Folks who live alone or are otherwise 'unconsciously un-coupled' are really starting to suffer. Too much time alone to think and reflect and try and picture what you want your life to be is just that, too much! Folks you'd never talk to before are popping up in your DMs and dating sites are exploding. I'm seeing people on there that swore them off for good popping up again because of too much introspection on the human condition.

All I know, is it's time to stop sheltering in place. Let folks get out responsibly and blow off some stream. The walls are closing in!

Well, the good thing is, no one is ever going to ask stay at home moms what they do all day now?

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