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Today is the day some of us can't wait for. It's the day we all point our vehicles towards the nearest blue roof in town and ready our taste buds for some amazing pancakes!

It's National Pancake Day at IHOP. But, due to the pandemic, it comes with a twist this year. Actually, it comes with an I.O.U. Here's what you'll read on the IHOP website:

Since we can’t all celebrate under our blue roof, we’re flipping this National Pancake Day on its head. Sign up for MyHOP® today for an IOU sent straight to your inbox on April 1!

Okay, so we don't get a free short stack today at IHOP. But did you notice the date they say we'll get our short stack?  It's April 1, as in April Fool's Day. That April 1?

Are they just clowning around or do we really get that short stack covered in melted butter and hot pecan flavored syrup?  Surely they aren't that cruel huh? Nah...I'm just making something out of nothing.

Well, assuming they aren't joking around, here's the link where you sign up to get those pancakes. Just go to IHOP.com and follow the instructions.

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