I know that my wife is not the only person in Texas that wants to own a mini pig, although I’m guessing that she talks about it more than most people. But I will admit when I look at pictures of mini pigs, they are adorable, although we are not in a place right now where we could add a mini pig to our family. We have such a busy life; it wouldn’t be right to leave a mini pig home alone that often. But if you’re interested in getting a mini pig, we have the details on how you can make that happen here in Texas. 

There is actually a mini pig rescue group that is located in East Texas, their actually in Wills Point, Texas. The name of the rescue is My Pig Filled Life, and they are a 501c3 non-profit all about the care are rescue of mini pigs. According to their website they have already helped to save 371 pigs, there are hundreds of adoptable pigs, or over 170+ that are in need of sponsorship. 

Mini Pigs are a Forever Family Member 

Like dogs and cats, a mini pig's lifespan is normally between 15-18 years, although some can live up to around 21 years old. The reason I bring this up is that if you’re thinking about adopting a mini pig just remember this is an almost 20-year commitment. And finding someone who can or will adopt or rescue a mini pig can be difficult so just know what you’re getting into before getting a mini pig.  

How Do You Adopt a Mini Pig in Texas? 

You will need to do a phone interview, then visit the rescue facility, fill out the application, then there will be a home visit, you will need to supply a vet reference, and finally a copy of zoning laws for your area to show that it’s legal to own a mini pig.  

If you ever get a mini pig, just remember to send us lots of photos inside of our app.  

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