Monday, April 8th was an extremely special day for people in Dallas, Texas, and across the Lone Star State because they were in the direct 'Path Of Totality' and got to experience the total solar eclipse uniquely.

I was able to experience my first total solar eclipse with co-workers here at the radio station. We were prepared with our solar glasses as were other people from the office buildings around us. We were all wearing our glasses looking up at the sky and praying for a break in the clouds.

Then around 1:40 p.m. it happened, the clouds broke, the total solar eclipse was happening and it went dark. Birds stopped chirping, street lights came on all around us and there was lots of cheering. It was truly an amazing experience and we were fortunate to experience it thanks to those solar eclipse glasses.

What do you do with your used Eclipse glasses now?

Now that the eclipse is over you can hang on to your glasses and make the pilgrimage to Montana and North Dakota in 2044 to experience the next total solar eclipse that will be passing through the US or you could recycle them.

Before then there will be other opportunities to see eclipses around the globe. Some organizations accept your used glasses and send them to countries around the world so that children in other parts of the world can see and experience an eclipse like we just did.

Recycle And Donate Your Eclipse Glasses To These Organizations

Astronomers Without Borders
Eclipse Glasses USA

These organizations will send your used glasses to other parts of the world so that they too may experience what we got to experience here in East Texas.

When And Where Is The Next Solar Eclipse?

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