Our Area Continues To Grow And We Continue To Let A Possibly Big Economic Force Drive Right On By Us. Let's Change That.

Here in East Texas, the vibrant communities of Tyler and Longview are thriving hubs of culture, sports, and entertainment.

As these cities continue to grow and evolve, there is an undeniable need for a state-of-the-art arena that can cater to a diverse range of events, benefitting residents and visitors alike.

An arena serves as a versatile space that goes beyond just hosting sports events.

Pien Muller via unsplash.com
Pien Muller via unsplash.com

It becomes a cultural epicenter, providing a venue for concerts, trade shows, conventions, and community gatherings. The absence of such a facility limits the potential for attracting high-profile events and hinders the economic growth of the region.

An arena in Tyler and Longview would not only bring in revenue from ticket sales but also stimulate local businesses, hotels, and restaurants.

Sure, There's The Oil Palace, But We All Know Its Reputation.

Shawn Knight
Shawn Knight

I'm sure the first thing yall said was "We have the oil palace" but let's be honest, when was the last time you've been there? Its sorely outdated and it has no plans to be updated anytime soon.

Beyond economic and social benefits, an arena could also position Tyler and Longview as regional leaders in entertainment and sports, attracting investors, talent, and tourism. It becomes a symbol of progress and modernity, showcasing the cities' commitment to providing their residents with world-class amenities.

I'm Calling On Both Tyler and Longview Communities To Come Together And Make It Happen.


Every week, we get calls from promoters who are bringing shows to Shreveport or Dallas about making stops here in East Texas and we have to break the news to them that "We dont have a venue big enough to host what you're looking to bring".

Money, out the window and moving to another city. We can put a stop to this if the establishment of an arena in Tyler and Longview became a reality. I'm not saying EACH CITY needs one, but one BIG arena that seats between 3,000 plus people strategically placed between the 2 cities near I-20 would work!

Its not a luxury, but a strategic investment in the community's future. It would contribute to economic growth, community cohesion, and the overall quality of life for residents, making these East Texas cities even more desirable places to live, work, and play.

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