In Louisiana, a state familiar with the ups and downs of single life, the dating scene has always been a topic of interest. According to a 2019 report, 55.7% of Louisiana residents were single, and since then, the state has been recognized for having more single women than men and the highest number of single-parent households in the country. Amidst this backdrop, the introduction of Tinder Select, a high-end version of the popular dating app, has sparked a heated debate among Louisiana singles.

Tinder Select, launched in September 2023, is not a new concept but an evolution of its invitation-only version once reserved for celebrities and influencers. Priced at a hefty $499 per month, it aims to cater to "high-intent users" seeking more efficient ways to connect, as explained by Tinder CPO Mark Van Ryswyk. But is this premium investment worth it for Louisiana singles?

The features of Tinder Select include the ability to send direct messages to un-matched profiles, priority placement in potential matches' feeds, and access to a VIP search and matchmaking experience with Tinder's most popular users. While these features offer an enhanced experience, they come with limitations, such as a cap on direct messages and the need for active engagement on the app.

The cost of Tinder Select significantly exceeds that of other Tinder memberships and even surpasses The League, another exclusive dating app in the Match portfolio. This high price tag has led to a mixed reaction among local users, with comments ranging from skepticism about the necessity of such an expense for dating to views that it could be a reasonable investment for those who can afford it.

Match Group President Gary Swidler acknowledges that Tinder Select is expected to attract only a "tiny" portion of singles, yet it could significantly impact the app's revenue. The majority of Tinder's user base being under 26 years old raises questions about the demographic fit for those opting for Tinder Select.

In conclusion, while Tinder Select offers exclusive features for its users, its high price and demographic considerations make it a topic of debate among Louisiana singles. Whether it's worth the investment depends largely on individual priorities and the value placed on the potential of finding a match in the challenging dating landscape of the state.

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