A new affidavit filed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department yesterday reveals that Justin Bieber is seen "high-fiving" and "laughing and celebrating" with friends on home surveillance video during an incident in which the 'Believe' singer is accused of throwing eggs and vandalizing an L.A. neighbor's house on Jan. 9.

Reuters reports that while Justin has not been charged in the case yet, this could cause legal problems for the 20-year-old pop star with his cases in Miami and Toronto.

According to the sword affidavit, surveillance shows Bieber celebrating with friends after he threw raw eggs at his neighbor's house in Calabasas, California in January. Police also obtained a search warrant into the singer's Instagram photos last month as part of the investigation.

If investigators determine that the damage to the property amounts to $20,000 or more, he could potentially face felony charges.

The egg incident is just one of many in a string of bad publicity stories for the teen heartthrob. Justin is currently facing assault charges against a driver in Toronto and is scheduled to appear in court this summer for his Miami drag racing arrest. Earlier this week, he caused controversy after his comments regarding a Japanese shrine and was detained (and later released) at Los Angeles International Airport for what was described as a routine customs inspection.

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