Katy Perry is the face of Popchips, and the ‘Wide Awake’ singer is also an investor, so she stars in the new fall ad campaign for the light snack. The ads are colorful, with green, blue and red backgrounds, and they are pun-driven. Doesn’t Perry look thrilled to be a part of the Popchips team?

With phrases like “Spare me the guilt chip” and “Love. Without the handles” used in the marketing, it makes us think Pophips are light and healthy. Our favorite is the ad where Perry is holding two bags of chips over her famous assets — you know, her boobies — under the tag “Nothing fake about ‘em.”

Oh the puns, the puns! It’s enough to make us break into a fit of giggles like Anderson Cooper did when reading a pun-filled report on his ‘Ridiculist’ last year. We wonder how come none of the copywriters for this campaign –- the company’s first — came up with “Katy Perry: She’s All That and a Bag of Popchips.” Maybe they oughta hire us to write some of their marketing copy? Just sayin’.

There’s also a few behind-the-scenes shots of Perry being attended to by a makeup artist and posing playfully with a bag of chips.

Which of the ads is your favorite, PopCrushers?


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