Kidfest kicks off tomorrow at the Pierre Bossier Mall South Parking lot, and if you are a member of a military family - this thing is literally made for you!

I am an Army brat, and proud of it!  Growing up on base is a special kind of weird.  I remember the excitement in class when a new shipment of tanks would come through, watching the skies with amazement, and riding past the giant formations of marching soldiers on their way to Uncle-Sam-Knows-Where.  That kind of life is hard on a family, mostly because of the traveling.  I remember pulling up roots every 2-4 years and moving to another state, if not another country.  Making new friends, enrolling in school after school, setting up a new home (again), etc - it takes a toll.  It can't be understated that military families serve together.

That's why Kidfest is so awesome!  It's open only to, and free for military families (must bring ID) - and it's an awesome way to pack a whole bunch of fun into the small amount of time that some serving families have to spend together.  Plus, it's jam-packed with inflatables, games, a petting zoo, dunk tank, lunch, freaking Blackhawk helicopters, demonstrations, static displays, and a whole parking lot full of attractions guaranteed to do 2 things.

A.  Create lots of great memories at once. (Take lots of pictures)

B.  Wear out the kid(s), thusly guaranteeing a great night's sleep for said child.

We had a chance to sit down with Trey McGuire with the Warrior Network to talk about the event.

You should most definitely check it out.  More details here.