Some very memorable commercials have been released during the Super Bowl over the last 30or so years and the trend will continue this Sunday, too. Companies will hand over millions of dollars to the network for one of their ads to air, and they'll pony up tons of cash for celebrity endorsements, too. They've become a really big deal and in some cases, the ad has actually outshines the game itself! Some people even tune in to the Super Bowl to watch the commercials instead of the game because they're so memorable.

Over the past few years, though, some companies have released their big Super Bowl commercials online before the game to generate some buzz and talk about their ad.

In this case, it's working for T-Mobile! Kim Kardashian definitely has star power, and she's teamed up T-Mobile for a Super Bowl commercial that pokes fun at her obsession, her obsession of taking selfies!

In the ad above she is pushing the company's rollover data initiative because we let so much data go at the end of the month and that we should be checking out all of her selfies online with all of our unused data!