Many of us were greatly pleased to hear that it is now possible to download your driver's license information to our smartphones via the LA Wallet App. Since we never leave our homes without our phones this would ensure that we always have our proper ID on our person should a member of law enforcement request to see it.

The problem with the ID on the LA Wallet app appears to be this. That "valid ID" is only valid to members of law enforcement. In other words, you can't show your ID on your phone to a convenience store clerk if you're wanting to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

Let me clarify that, you CAN show the LA Wallet version of your ID to the clerk. They just don't have to accept it as a valid form of ID. That's because the LA Wallet App was created for law enforcement use only.  If you're like me you're probably thinking #onlyinLouisiana would we create a half-assed electronic ID.

And we did.

The good news for users of the LA Wallet app is this. Plans are underway to expand the parameters for use of the electronic version of your license. But as for now, if you want to buy beer and you're fortunate enough to look younger than 35 years old you're going to need your actual state-issued ID to complete the transaction.

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