Louisianans looking to buy local products at their grocery store should look for a new logo.

Louisiana Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says they have overhauled their Certified logo program with flashier, more diverse logos to further highlight goods made in the Bayou State.

“When you see that label, certified Louisiana you know that it must be made, produced, grown, manufactured, or substantially transformed in the state of Louisiana.”

The program also features a new website.

For a product to be Certified Louisiana, it has to pass state and federal food safety tests, and be made primarily in the Pelican State.

Strain says there’s a couple of different certified options for products that pass the test.

“It’s going to be great, you’re going to have Certified Louisiana, Certified Cajun, Certified Creole, and Certified Farm to Table.”

Strain says the logos are bigger and flashier than in the past. He hopes it spurs more interest in Louisiana goods.

“It’s something that is very recognizable, to have the silhouette of the state. We’re very excited about that as we continue to push buy local and buy Louisiana.”

Businesses or individuals interested in applying for Certified Louisiana can apply at the LDAF website. The program has a 25 dollar application fee.

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