Many children will be eager to find eggs during the traditional Easter egg hunts this year. There are things to keep in mind, especially if you plan on eating those eggs that are found.

Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says it’s important to use the correct dyes when coloring your eggs.

"Use very good quality food approved dyes.  You don't want to be using enameled paints or other products if these eggs are going to be used for human consumption."

After the Easter egg hunt, the children may want to eat those eggs. But Strain says it’s important to note how long they have been outside of a refrigerated environment.
"One of my favorites is deviled eggs.  But remember don't leave them outside of the refrigerator for more than two hours.  Cause when you make the deviled egg, you have mayonnaise and mustard in with all that, and we don't want food poisoning."
He also says not to eat cracked eggs that are found before hard boiling. And how much money will you pay for those eggs? Strain says the price is up slightly higher than last year.
"The cost now of a dozen eggs is anywhere from $2.30  to $2.50.  It's a little up from last year, but still a very good value."

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