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Leonardo DiCaprio Accused of Starting Amazon Rain Forest Fires

The President of Brazil is blaming Leonardo DiCaprio for the amazon rain forest fires. He and his son accused the actor of funding an organization that has been accused of starting last summer's devastating fires that scorched well over 7,200 square miles of the Amazon. Not only do they think that the World Wildlife Fund started the fires, they're accusing the organization of paying for photos of the burned forest. In response, DiCaprio released a statement saying that the accused group is working to save the rain forest, not destroy it. He also said he did not fund the organization. (via TMZ)

Liam Payne Allegedly Jumped

Over the weekend, Liam Payne apparently got into an altercation at Texas bar called Silver Fox. He was with his 19-year-old girlfriend Maya Henry. After leaving the bar, the pair reportedly tried to re-enter but were stopped by security as Maya was underage. There was yelling and apparently Liam tried to force his way in but got shoved to the ground by one of the bouncers. Eventually they left and Liam went to social media saying that he was jumped and plans to take the venue to court. (via PopCrush)

Boycott Walmart?

Walmart is feeling the wrath of social media. Last week it was brought to light that Walmart reportedly does not pay its employees and staff extra to work on the holidays. Retailers aren't legally required to pay employees overtime for working holidays. However, many stores like Target, Macy's and JCPenney still do. Walmart, instead of paying their workers overtime for working during Thanksgiving or Christmas, offers employees 10% and 15% off discounts. Not to mention, the 15% discount is only available for two days. Shoppers are now calling for everyone to boycott Walmart for the rest of the holiday season. (via Business Insider)

The Weeknd Removes 'Selena' Song Register

Remember last week we were all freaking out because The Weeknd supposedly had a song about Selena Gomez coming out? We thought this because the ASCAP listed a song registered by The Weeknd called “Like Selena.” And unless he was talking about Selena Quintanilla, which is highly unlikely, then it had to be about his ex, Selena Gomez, right? Well, now the song isn't listed anymore... (via Cosmo)

Woman Fakes Medical Condition for Seat Upgrade on Plane

A woman was arrested after allegedly faking a medical emergency just to get a bigger seat on the plane. The incident took place on a flight from Pensacola Florida to Miami, which is only an hour and 45 minute flight. Once the plane took off the woman claimed she was having trouble breathing. This resulted in the pilot having to turn the plane around and head back to where it came from. Authorities were called to the scene after the plane landed and the woman admitted she had made up the medical condition in order to get a better seat. She was taken into custody and put into a mental health facility. (via People)

 Olivia Jade Returns to YouTube

Lori Loughlin's daughter released her first YouTube video since her parents were involved in the college admissions scandal. Watch below:

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