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It's Monday. It's cloudy and raining. Neither the Saints or the Cowboys will be playing in the Super Bowl. Odds are that you're looking for some way to get yourself out of the dumps and I've got the perfect solution.

Grab a big sheet of Bubble Wrap and get to poppin'! It's National Bubble Wrap Day. Is there anything more soothing than just popping away? As long as no one else sees you it's cool. And that's only because you don't have enough to share and you know when they see you having so much fun, they're going to want to get in on the party.

While you're completely entranced in the popping, here are a few "Bubble Wrap Facts" you might not have known.

  • Bubble Wrap was invented as a type of wallpaper in 1957, but nobody was really interested. originally invented as a new type of wallpaper.
  • The Sealed Air Corporation has owned the "Bubble Wrap" trademark since 1983.
  • IBM, needing a way to safely ship computers in the early 1960's was the first company to use Bubble Wrap
  • A group of Boy Scouts in Denver set the Guinness World Record for the most people popping Bubble Wrap at the same time with 2,681

And just in case you've found yourself without some bubble wrap on this auspicious day, but yet still need the soothing sound of those popping pockets, we found this on YouTube for you. You are welcome!

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