Move over Christmas 2019, there's a new holiday in town.

It's official, the state of Louisiana has declared Monday, December 16th to be '"LSU Football Day". Following one of, if not THE most prolific and excited seasons in LSU history, the state has decided pay tribute to the Tigers in a pretty amazing way.

Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin made it official this weekend, declaring the official date to celebrate the incredible season state wide.

All season following big games and major wins, you've heard Coach Orgeron and all of the players point out that it was not just a win for the team, or the school, but a win for the entire state of Louisiana.

It's a very nice gesture to see the powers--at-be in our state pay tribute to such an amazing team.

So make sure you wear your purple and gold proudly tomorrow in celebration of LSU Football Day in Louisiana!


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