If you haven't seen it yet, video of Lindsay Lohan dancing went viral over Labor Day weekend and our Kidd Kraddick Morning Show took her 'dance' challenge!

During her time at a beach club in Mykonos, she was ‘drunk’ dancing and everyone has been inspired… Especially our staff her at the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show! Check out video of the team doing their best to recreate Lindsay's moves. We have to admit, J-si looked good and Kellie's husband Allen is quite pretty! We don't know what to think of Part-time Justin, though... He's a mess! We'll leave it at that!

Clearly, Kellie has experience drunk dancing! And seriously, what other show randomly has people like LeeAnne Locken from Real Housewives of Dallas in studio to play around making dance videos? No one else, that's right! Now, #DoTheLiLo! Enjoy!

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