This is insane.

As conditions begin to deteriorate along the Louisiana coast, we now have a LIVE look from Grand Isle, La.

This camera shot, from Severe Storms, shows just how serious of an issue storm surge is and will be for many along the Louisiana coast.

Hurricane Ida is a major hurricane as it moves into parts of southeast Louisiana on Sunday and into Monday morning.

Now, we just hope that those along the coast have moved out of the area and that no one is attempting to ride this storm out as it moves inland.

Continue to check back here for all of the latest updates on Hurricane Ida. Video courtesy of @severestudios/John Humphress.

Here's what some are saying about the LIVE shot from Grand Isle, La. I honestly think some did not expect conditions to be this severe, but sadly as you saw, it is.

To watch various cameras from along the state and gulf coast, visit the Severe Storms Youtube Page by clicking HERE.

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