An unexpected bond between Miss Louisiana and Carson has warmed the hearts of many.

The Miss Louisiana preliminary pageant was held last week. As a part of the fun, a video was shown starring one of our own Children's Miracle Network Hospitals boys, Carson. When Miss Louisiana 2015, April Nelson, first met Carson last year, he addressed her as "Your Majesty!" It was during that visit to Kids Clinic, that she and Carson discovered a common love for Julie Andrews. They even sang together after that initial meeting.

It instantly bonded the two of them.

Since then, April has connected with his family and the two have shared many more songs together. The Miss America Organization is a major partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The Misses spend plenty of time with these kids across the country. We're lucky that our local chapter is located in Monroe, which allows April and Carson to see each other quite often.

In this video, April talks about her bond with Carson and it is beautiful. You may want to grab a tissue.

How cool would it be if Carson could meet Julie Andrews? If we share this all over the internet, I'm sure someone could make it happen.

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