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To say that the times we are living in will be taught to future generations is a huge understatement.  What we are doing (and not doing) during this crisis will be viewed as either an example to follow or a cautionary tale that illustrates the high price for errors in judgement.  Hopefully we can all help future Americans deal with situations like this in the future better through our experience.

To that end, the folks at Logan Mansion want to help you give those future historians a much clearer picture of the current crisis.  According to a report from KSLA, Lisa Robertson Brutto (Owner of the 123-year old Shreveport landmark) is selling COVID-19 time capsules to the public.  These tall, cylindrical canisters sell for $15 each, and the hope is that customers will fill them with local mementos from this crazy and unique period in our history.

If you'd like to purchase one of your own, or maybe one for each member of the family - follow the link here.  I certainly want to do this with my kids, but the question is: What would you put in it?  I know a mask, some toilet paper, hand sanitizer (if you can spare any of those things) - but what is something extremely Shreveport / Bossier City that will show future generations what we went through?

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