Sometimes There Will Be a House That Catches Your Attention and Makes You Day Dream.

It's no secret that Longview, Texas has gorgeous real estate. Some of the most beautiful homes in East Texas have a Longview address and even though the home that caught my attention isn't the most expensive home for sale in Longview it has one of the most epic backyards on the market. If you love having friends and family over this is going to be the perfect home. Welcome to 225 Wendy Acres Ave in Longview, Texas.

The Backyard is More Like an Oasis, It Steals the Show.

Whoever built this home had one thing in mind and I love their mindset. The pool area and kitchen area outside look like there is one epic pool party in the works.

There is even a jacuzzi for those cold East Texas nights. This backyard was meant to enjoy and even though you may have neighbors you won't hear them and they won't hear you, so go ahead and order a margarita machine and the karaoke machine this backyard is ready for some backyard parties.

TRINA GRIFFITH with Trina Griffith & Company via
TRINA GRIFFITH with Trina Griffith & Company via

Did the Backyard Not Impress You Enough to Drop $1.5 Million?

The entire home is gorgeous. The builder paid attention to detail and the house is clearly worth every single penny. Let's take a look inside our dream East Texan home, shall we?

Luxury $1.5 Million Dollar Home in Longview, TX

You're going to love this home after looking at these photos

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