The problem with the whole COVID-19 pandemic, if you ask me, is that we are looking for black and white answers on a canvas that is painted gray. Yeah, it can be pretty darn confusing when official guidance gets interwoven with opinion, conjecture, and misinformation.

I had one business owner tell me, "I just wish the state would send someone by to let us know how we are doing and how we can do better". I am not a genie in a bottle but my business owner's wish just came true.

State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says his office and his Marshals will begin courtesy visits with businesses across the state to help them better comply with COVID mitigation spread efforts. The Marshals won't be looking to "bust" businesses in non-compliance, their visits will hopefully offer constructive criticism and help the business owner become compliant with best practices in mitigating the spread of the disease.

Many business owners have complained that the current COVID guidelines don't offer specific answers to fairly common questions. Questions such as how often should employees change masks? Is it okay to pull down the mask if a customer can't understand you? and What kind of face coverings are required for employees?

Obviously, the visits from the State Fire Marshal's office will help bring clarity to questions and concerns of that nature. Meanwhile, if you are a business owner and have questions about COVID compliance you can simply dial the Louisiana 211 service on your phone or visit the state's Open Safely website.


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