One of my favorite TV shows in recent memory is one called MythBusters. In that show, the hosts, would take popular myths about actions, activities, products, and situations, and put them to the tests. Often times, the myth or common thinking was debunked. Such seems to be the tact of State Health Officer, Dr. Joe Kanter.

Dr. Kanter has been on the offensive in busting myths surrounding the coronavirus vaccines and their side effects. Here are some of the mistruths or unconfirmed statements about the vaccine and its effects that Dr. Kanter would like to clarify.

The first myth is about the effect of the vaccine on fertility. Dr. Kanter is on record as saying that women of childbearing age should most definitely get the shot.

They are going themselves a disservice if they are not out of this unfounded fear. There is absolutely no evidence nor is there a plausible mechanism by which these vaccines would impair someone’s fertility

Dr. Kanter's remarks were chronicled in a story from the Louisiana Radio Network.

Fertility concerns had been listed as a primary reason why members of the Ochsner Health System were turning down the vaccinations.

Another myth about the current coronavirus vaccine has to do with the vaccine actually causing a person to get the disease. This is totally unfounded according to Dr. Kanter.

Some older types of vaccines used a virus as a host but one of the great things about these new types of vaccines is it does not use a vaccine as a host, either a live or dead virus

But what about those stories we've heard of people getting the disease just after being vaccinated? Dr. Kanter says that's not caused by the vaccine. The person in question simply did not have time for the vaccine to build up the body's immunity levels and the disease was contracted from another source.

The third myth about vaccines has to do with "messenger RNA technology". While it might sound new, that technology has been used in vaccines successfully for many years. So, the methodology behind the drugs is absolutely safe.

The bottom line is this. A vaccination for you or your family is a personal decision. Just please make that decision using vetted and proven information. I don't suggest you look on Facebook or the Internet either. Instead, talk to your doctor. get their advice, and then choose wisely and be healthy.

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