More fans in the stands? Sounds good to me.

For the past seven months (feels like seven years), we've been on the road back to normalcy. There's no doubt about it, this road is long, and the worst part is that we have no clue how far away we are from our destination. The road so far has been bumpy and at times, it feels like we're taking one step forward and two steps back.

We might be taking one of those steps forward soon.

Currently, outdoor stadiums in our state have been limited to 25% capacity. That could double soon for all outdoor stadiums in our state, and it's already doubling for quite a few parishes.

This week, John Bel Edwards announced that outdoor stadiums that reside within parishes with less than 5 percent positivity rate for the past two weeks can begin to allow 50% capacity. That doesn't seem like much, sure, but for our high school students, especially our seniors, every extra fan in the stands is a win in my book.

Of course, if those parishes see a rise in COVID cases and their positivity rate jumps up to ten percent or more for two weeks, outdoor stadiums will have to go back to 25% capacity.

Currently, 26 of Louisiana's 64 parishes fall under the 5% guideline.



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