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As I'm sure you already know - smoking tobacco in any way, shape, or form in the car with a child present is illegal.  The law that took effect on August 15th, 2006 (RS 32:300.4) states:

It shall be unlawful for the operator or any passenger in a motor vehicle to smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars in a motor vehicle, passenger van, or pick-up truck, when a child who is required to be restrained in a rear-facing child safety seat, a forward-facing child safety seat, a booster seat, or a motor vehicle's safety belt...regardless of whether windows of the motor vehicle are down.

Now, it looks like that law will be amended to include vaping.  According to WLBT, both the Louisiana House of Representatives and Senate have passed a bill that would make illegal to use a vape or e-cigarette while a child is in the car as well.

After a unanimous 30-0 vote in the Louisiana State Senate on Friday, the measure will make its way to Governor John Bel Edwards' desk.  So far, the Governor has not objected to the idea of signing the vaping ban in to law.

Once this piece of legislation is signed, it will go into effect in August of this year.  A violation of this new law would likely result in the same consequences of being caught smoking a cigarette in the car with a minor: A $150 fine and/or no less than 24 hours community service.

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