During our daily walks, my wife and I always take a moment to ponder the wildlife that lives in the coulee that runs through our neighborhood. I like to think of the coulee as our own private mountain stream, my wife thinks of it as a snake breeding ground.

She's probably right.

We are no strangers to snakes in this part of the world so when a Louisiana lawman receives a call about a snake, he or she never knows exactly what they'll be facing. For example, just a few days ago in Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's deputies were called to assist a homeowner who was surprised by a snake at her door.

When deputies arrived on the scene they did notice that a five-foot chicken snake was attempting to slither into a wall of the residence. That's when Deputy Brian Turner, you see him pictured in the Facebook post above, was able to grab the snake by its tail and eventually move the creature into the backyard.

The non-venomous reptile was then captured and later released in a new habitat far away from the residential area.

Law enforcement agencies and local animal control experts remind you that now is the time for snakes to be active. So, now is the time to remind your children and yourself about "snake protocol". While the majority of snakes your likely to encounter are not poisonous Louisiana is home to many snakes that are. Make sure you can tell the difference.

You can always call your local animal control agent or any law enforcement agency if you feel threatened by a snake or any animal for that matter. If that ever happens to you, hopefully, the outcome will be as good as the outcome of this story.


Venomous Snakes in Louisiana


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